Cambridge Residents for Responsible Elections

What we're advocating for

We think the City of Cambridge should enact a program that allows candidates for City Council and School Committee to choose to publicly fund all or a portion of their campaigns.
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fair for new candidates

Leveling the playing field for candidates from financially insecure communities; and

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No special interests

Allowing elected officials to represent Cambridge residents without accepting donations from businesses who have interests before the council.

About Us

We want Clean Elections

We are a group of Cantabrigians advocating for a clean elections program at the municipal level. Some of us have lived in Cambridge our whole lives; others are new to the city. Some of us have been organizing policy movements for years, and some of us are brand new to civic advocacy. Regardless, we are all concerned about the role of special interests in elections. We all believe that campaign finance reform is important. And we think everyone in Cambridge should join the movement!

  • The average share of donations made by developers for candidates during an election.

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